Monday, March 21, 2011

Introduction to Gone Gonzo News

Gone Gonzo is my brainchild. It was conceived the eve of March 20th during a roundtable discussion with my fellow bagheads Brandon and Tess. Somewhere between my sporadic bodily jerks and constant nagging dreadful anxiety over my dull and painful journalism assignment on the godforesaken swine filled city of Torrance I had a rare moment of genius....a news source that provided its audience with true Gonzo Journalism. A revival was needed in the yuppie controlled world of journalism and goddammit I was going to start it. So here it is. Gone Gonzo, stories brought to you by my faithful troupe of reporters. They not only promise but swore on oath that they will report the most important news with bias, honesty and vivid descriptions. Because, "after all we are professionals"

Long Live Hunter,

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