Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Think Attention Whores...THINK

I came across this little ditty today:

“Nothing looks worse than a dress or a suit on a red carpet. It is an ongoing tragedy of cheap fashion on cheap celebrities, followed by ubercheap comments”

Hedi Slimane is fucking right. Celebrity Fashion SUCKS and whoever is running the show during awards season not only needs to be fired, but could also use a good punch in the gut (I know Rachel Zoe is pregnant and all, but still!) Where did all the imagination go? Or better yet, was there ever really any imagination there? Now, I’m not saying you need to do this:

Photo: India Forums

Or this:

Photo: The Richest

But I’d like to see people think a little bit more outside the box. I’m tired of seeing boring dress after boring dress after boring dress because people are afraid of getting put on the worst-dressed list. Apart from princesses, heiresses and Anna Dello Russo celebrities are really the only people that can truly afford really amazing gowns, remarkably standout pieces. Come on celebs…take a leap of style!

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