Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Could it Be?!...Will He Really Leave??

"O-L-I-G-A-R-H-Y." –misspelling "oligarchy" on his chalk board while claiming he had deciphered a secret code that he said was proof President Obama was trying to create an "Oligarhy," Aug. 27, 2009, Glenn Beck show on FOX News Channel

This just in... Glenn Beck is set to leave his daily show on Fox News by the end of this year.

Glory, Glory Hallelujah. There really is hope in this doomed world.

For the past 2 years Buster Beck has been infiltrating our homes and lives with his nonsense and historically incorrect claims. I mean this yahoo has actually rewritten history and sold it to his inept viewers as Truth. The blasphemy! The Horror...the HORROR.

It's clear I dislike this guy but to ensure you hold the same opinion as me, here's a clip from his show that was actually aired on cable news. Mind you, the clip with commentary is from Keith Olbermann's Show (No problem whatsoever with Big O, his commentary is funny yet informative because...oh wait he actually KNOWS American History):

Sadly, all is not fair in war and media and Beck will produce shows for "Nazi News" oh excuse me I meant Fox News.

Anyways, its not like I watch the channel anyways, its not "Fair and Balanced" as its slogan purports but rather "Bias and One-Sided"

Unfortunately, only half of the news watching population of the Star Spangled States agree with me. According to a poll by Public Policy, Fox News is not trusted by 46% of Americans and trusted for credibility by 42% .

Ugh... too close for comfort for me.

Yet, it was still a glorious day knowing Glenn Beck's face will no longer disgrace TV sets in homes throughout the country.

Long Live Hunter.

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