Monday, March 21, 2011

The Princess is in Fact, a Frog

Hello all you lovely readers out there. I will be reporting on world of fashion (if one can even call it that in this present time of crop tops worn with flabby bellies).

Well some of the news is good. Finally someone spoke out against this awful thing they call the future princess. Thats right, Kate Middleton.

ally, Matthew Williamson says what I have been thinking....well the nicer version of what I've been thinking..."Kate isn’t a fashion bunny. I don’t know why everyone in fashion is waiting to see what she wears. I’m, like, thinking: 'get over it.' "

I was thinking more along the lines of....

Kate Middleton is a commoner and therefore dresses like one. She's not only a SNORE and the pinnacle of mediocrity but she also dresses hideously. She is truly a disgrace to Princess Di's legacy of glamour and timeless beauty.

Let's Compare:

As you can see, I have proven my point with logic and reason. Just because someone gives you their beautiful and perfect dead mother's ring, does not mean you will miraculously turn into her.

So, Kate Middleton, will you please give up?

And, fashion industry, will you please stop assuming that the magical fashion fairy godmother will swoop in and turn her into a glamourous fashionista.

Sorry, wrong fairy tale. This is no goddamn Cinderella story. This is the Princess = Frog and I'm stickin to it.

-The Fashion Hunter

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