Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sportswriter by Day...Pimp by Night

"There are a lot of better ways to spend the national holiday than hunkered down by yourself in the far corner of a white-plastic widebody 767 cabin, 37,000 feet over Utah, muttering into a tape recorder or making entries into a ledger. There is nothing stylish about it, nothing chic or trendy or hip." ~HST

It's a well-known fact that journalists don't go into the field for the money or for that matter, the glamour. No amount of pay can compensate the endless hours that go into each story, dealing with idiots who refuse to be interviewed and distilling the news into an article that the average McDonald's eating, WalMart going American citizen can understand. It's no easy job.

So when fellow journalist Kevin Provencher claimed he started a prostitution ring because of pay cuts, albeit I was disgusted, I wasn't surprised.

Provencher, who is in fact, an "award-winning sportswriter," argued to the judge that he was forced to start a prostitution ring because of the downturn in the print journalism industry and his pimping was "just a side job" to supplement his income.

Interesting argument.

Yes, the man blamed his affinity towards prostitutes and the life of a pimp because his day job wasn't paying enough.

Pimp Provencher interviewed each of his nightwalkers by making them have sex with him before he hired them. His girls were made to sleep with average joes in hotel rooms, pay for their own rooms AND give half their earnings to Provencher in cash or a direct deposit to his bank account.

His pimp hand must be strong.

Anyways, Pimp P was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison. He'll be out in no time to build his pimping empire in Mass.

Is Pimp P a pervert? Yes. Is he a delusional, sex-crazed, money-hungry pimp? Yes. But, does Pimp P prove that journalists are severely underpaid and are forced to go to extreme measures to make ends meet? YES.

As an aspiring journalist I now know that I can never live my lifelong dream of being both a journalist and a pimp without getting in trouble with the boys in blue.... good to know. Thanks Pimp P

Photo: AP
Long Live Hunter.


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